Hahui & Associates is developing a business strategy based on main principles: Client Focused, Client Driven and Client Service. Based on our extensive expertise and experience we reached to have permanent legal counselling contracts and representation on all complex commercial aspects of several companies on a long period of time.

Hahui & Associates' policy consists in identifying with due diligence your company's legal issues and efficiently solves them. Each transaction is managed by a minimum of two lawyers, one of whom is a partner. This partner takes direct responsibility for the effective handling of the assignment and ensures good communication with the client.

We are prepared and committed to provide our clients with specialised services of high professional quality of assistance and legal expertise, based on sound knowledge and supported by sustained updated information.

Hahui & Associates understands that companies need stability, security and proper strategies to protecting their interests, reason for which we are permanent improving our procedures, methods and work strategies, and relation with clients are based on trust, confidentiality and fairness.